Many guests are good and many are even better. That is why, if you also want to expand your circle of guests a little, and at the same time gain more regular guests, you need to take care not only of their beards and hairstyles in a professional way, but also of their souls, ie their commitment. So the big question now is how can you communicate so that not only the number of your followers but also your revenue grows. Well, no cheating – no deception: this is where more personalized content comes into play. We will show you the benefits of branding!

We have said many times on this interface that one of the cornerstones of effective marketing communication is knowing your customers. It’s no different on the barber front either, as a well-groomed, trendy or even classic masculine look is an integral part of masculine identity. That’s why you can increase the number of your bookings with content that is good-natured, more personal, yet appealing to their vanity.

After all, without male vanity, barber shops would not exist either

It is true that there are those – even among the guests of your salon – who admit this fact more easily than other men. One group is already aware that a good barber is worth a treasure, as they can come out from under their hands with an appearance that makes them feel more confident. In addition, their self-confidence returns and, of course, they can conquer.

The other group, the less enthusiastic, on the other hand, has yet to realize that it is not a shame to embark on the path of sophistication and enjoy all the benefits of it. For example, that it will be much easier to flatter with the hairstyle set on the dowel and the well-groomed beard trimmed to shape. Plus, the mirror doesn’t want to escape accompanied by a screaming phrase if you get lost in front of it.

While you might think that you really only have to deal with the latter group, in truth you have to deal with both groups. Precisely because they are quite different on the engagement scale, but with a little personal care, you can easily reach a goal.

But what do we mean by personal content?

In this case, bringing a little twist into your communication and not just massaging your audience’s pain points. But for a few popular moments, you’re switching to the dark side of the Force! That is, you show the other side: the barbers also stand out in the spotlight or in the front line – who-how-you like it – and together you make the content more personal.

How? Well, staying with the Star Wars example, one of your barbereds, for example, can show through his own beard what chewbakk features a neglected beard can take on for weeks, while not the slightest taste of palatable food remains.

Such with funny stories – with which you educate the people quite strongly, because you show that there is an example of everything – you can bring your followers much closer to you because you win them for yourself with life-scented, fresh and humorous posts.

In addition, you can make your brand quite diverse by having both your Facebook and Instagram posts, but up to 1-1 blog posts he speaks in different barber voices. With this opportunity, not only can your employees build their own brand (self branding), but this will also increase your branding value. You’ll never be bored, so you can test A / B perfectly, what types of materials work, and what style they buy followers for and what they can’t stand.

Continue to operate a fun factekkel also, since the funny data mixed with a little storyteling are always buyers of peoples. So are your barbers background stories can also be interesting, as there are still many who wonder if someone as a man deals with beards. (This, by the way, can also be a great and valuable area for breaking down prejudices.)

Anyway, it’s also an idea from the devil if you might be thinking about some regular online show together. For example, through live Instagram or Facebook logins, where you can not only talk, but also showcase the latest, most brainstorming trends. Of course, no podcast is an abandoned idea if you don’t want a screen yet.

+ 1 tip: branding with own branded products

You can further strengthen your brand with your own branded products, such as t-shirts, hats, scarves, towels, beard care or even haircut sets printed with graphics that match your style. You may also want to think about cosmetics if you later went in that direction. Plus, you can further thematize them with barbers and their characteristic style to create the most unique products possible. So you won’t even have to worry about models showcasing these own-brand products on social media platforms. And products equipped with branding tools will be more valuable, more personal, while more and more people will know the name of the barber business. And if you feel this is too much of a bite to run for the first time, you can also think about sponsorship opportunities.

It is up to you how you use your potential and what content you serve to your existing and future guests. However, you can be sure that you are a professional with online appointment calendar you can also crash into impulsive purchases triggered by your personal content. Plus, you can use for free for 14 days.