There are particular beauty notes that are no-brainers

There are particular beauty notes which are no-brainers–think that a deep crimson lip, a sleek non knot, a luminous complexion–although the many tried-and-true of staples gain from an occasional imaginative overhaul. The version and activist attended yesterday Build Series at New York City to explore the Rhino Conservation Project, and she did so using an eye-level second that warrants a closer look. Together with ombré infant blonde hair which swung over shoulders blown out bohemian layers–which makes the case for ditching all dramatic chops this year –arrived black stripes applied in person style. With onyx across the lash line, extending at a wing which swung out from every eye, Prinsloo also applied liquid lining on the interior corners leaving the waterline untouched. The end result was though softly, picture, and left any other makeup entirely unnecessary. On the lookout for a simple way to maintain your beachy summer workout for the day? Make like Prinsloo and paint the city –along with your eyelids –together with creativity in mind.

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