How to make a milk-based hair-night mask (and other do-it-yourself remedies)

It can add shine to dull locks, exfoliate the skin, hydrate unmanageable locks and promote skin elasticity. The calcium, vitamins and proteins in milk work to restore shine and shine to the hair and also give shine to the face. And this is also not new information – bathing in milk appears to be an age-old practice among women. It is even said that Cleopatra took a bath in donkey milk to enhance the shine of her skin – if it is good enough for an Egyptian queen, it is good enough for us. Here we put together the best skin and hair treatments.

A straightening hair mask for frizzy hairs
When the hair loses its moisture, it looks dry, frizzy and breaks more easily. Enter: milk. It contains whey and casein proteins – the former increases hair follicles, while the latter promotes hair growth. Pour milk into a spray bottle to reduce the mess, and spread it from the roots to the ends. Let a comb run carefully through your mane to ensure that the brew is evenly distributed and keep pulling on your locks until each wave or curl is pulled for 20 minutes. Rinse the hair, wash it and then bring it into conditioning. The milk fat gives it weight (in the same way as keratin treatments) and straightens it.

A do-it-yourself toner for acne prone skin
The lactic acid in milk (a powerful alpha hydroxy acid) can gently exfoliate the skin and reduce pores. Mix milk, rose water and apple cider vinegar together and apply to the face with a cotton swab and do it well. The lactic acid immediately flushes out dead skin and dirt, just like the cider vinegar cleanses deeply. The rose water helps to balance and calm the skin while all inflammation is softened.

A soothing soak for irritated skin
If the skin is super dry, itchy, red or irritated by sunburn or dermatitis, a milk bath can immediately soften and hydrate the skin. In addition to the immediate softening of the skin, the light acid helps remove dead skin cells, thereby reducing the flakiness. This stimulates cell renewal, allowing the skin to heal itself faster and better. Soak towels in milk and aloe vera.

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